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The Nu-Bird project was a lot of fun for me because I love doing complete branding of companies. This company was in the process of a name change and was going to need a lot of attention. I cleared out my schedule to help them get off the ground as soon as possible. All areas of their business needed organization, creativity and direction. I had the opportunity to share my experience and help guide them in the right direction and avoid many of the pitfalls that sometimes can happen to the unwary. It also helped that they were a delight to work with and eager to learn.

I created the Nu-Bird company slogan, 'We will change the way you see things'. Both the mirror quality and suction ability on this dental instrument made it superior to other suction mirrors, giving the user an advantage. When thinking of slogans I felt the Nu-Bird Suction Mirror actually gave the user a birds-eye-view, allowing them to see better and to use it in various types of dental procedures. Not to be punny but the slogan, 'We will change the way you see things', seemed clear to me.

For this project there were many other little projects that needed attention such as company promo video, testimonial video, photography, email marketing, direct mailer designs, company brochure, product.

Nu-Bird Inc. is a vibrant company based in the Pacific Northwest which designs, manufactures and markets the patented Nu-Bird dental suction mirror. They educate and train dental clinicians in how to use their new device on patients during dental procedures which require a mirror, water-spray, suction and retraction.

Nu-Bird was birthed from a wide variety of background experience and skills which extend from Carpentry, aero-space tooling, welding exotic metals, bronze art sculpture, machining, dental assisting and dental hygiene. Joining art and science, Nu-Bird is dedicated to the creation and manufacturing of uniquely designed instruments for all dental clinicians which improve ergonomics, patient management, accuracy and access. Through the use of Nu-Bird’s instruments, doctors and hygienists can better focus on the primary tasks and provide the best patient care in a more timely fashion.

The Nu-Bird Suction Mirror has extended the visibility into the oral cavity and allows dental professionals to work more accurately without drowning the patient. At Nu-Bird, we strive to design, create and provide real working solutions for the dental industry.

Types of Projects:
  • Identity Branding
  • Company Slogan
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Video Productions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designs
  • Print Media
  • Photography
  • Marketing Consulting


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Video Production

Product Promotional Video (video length: 90 sec.)

This product video was created as a short informative introduction of the Nu-Bird Suction Mirror to the dental industry market. The production, art direction, photography and direction of this video were created by myself. The purpose of the video is to help introduce and educate the market about this new dental instrument that no dental office can be without! This incredible, high quality instrument combines both HV suction and a mirror into one device. The video's purpose, besides to quickly educate, is also meant to utilize social media and easily be shared as way of advertising both Nu-Bird the company as well as the dental suction mirror.

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Marketing Collateral

Company slogan, "Nu-Bird will change the way you see things."

In creating the over all look and feel of the Nu-Bird branding I wanted to incorporate my client's interest of the ocean but relate it to the company and its products. I created a style that is both warm and inviting, user friendly as well as professionally promoting their high-end quality instruments. This process was a challenge for the client to accept at first since they have always done everything in-house. But I assured them that the company colors and design style would accommodate both the current market and products as well as be adaptable for future growth. Since we incorporated all of my design ideas on this project, I have been pleased with the feedback from the my dental industry peers.


The company brochure was designed to have a clean sterile feel yet not be cold and stark. I used the shade variations to evoke a feeling of bold confidence and professionalism. I made sure to take photos of the product to show the details of the suction mirror head and incorporate it into stock photos to keep the cost low and still have a unique image. The brochure is meant to introduce the company and spotlight its flagship suction mirror.


The company website was the first on my list in creating the branding package. The client supplied a lot of old resources and disorganized materials and I worked with them to fine tune the most important information. And from there I developed the best way to group and organize the content. The navigation is meant to drive the viewer to their products once they have been educated. This is a company website and their main product line right now is the suction mirror and therefore I used circular elements throughout the website to tie into the product shape.

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" Wow! where do I begin? Bottom line, if your looking for someone who understands what the real needs are for a company brand, Carrie is the person. She has the highest standards and will put your company in its best light. She is very knowledgeable and keeps up with the latest internet and social media changes. Carrie is extremely hard working and is a perfectionist. Her product will supersede your highest expectations hands down! "


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